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    From the Cedar to the Missouri, residents in Iowa share one common trait, they are acutely aware that flooding occurs across their great state. The state of Iowa has been on the FEMA watch list on an annual basis for the past three years as major weather events have brought on unwanted flood waters throughout the state. The ability for the states major rivers to rise rapidly, combined with flat lands can quickly spell disaster for residents from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids and everywhere in between.
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    Flood damage can be amongst the worst and hardest to clean up for disaster restoration firms. Hurricanes and tornados quickly destroy homes and leave pile of debris in their wake. Flood waters can take days to recede posing significant challenges for cleaning crews. The longer water sits in buildings, homes and undesirable areas, the greater the potential for mold to grow and additional structure damage to begin. Restoration companies can utilize special equipment to extract water and dry out structures, but when severe flooding occurs they will need some help from mother nature.

    Unwanted floods can occur in homes and business without a FEMA declared emergency. Severe weather could shut down the properties sump pump and lead to a basement flood, broken pipes could lead to the interior flooding of a resident if left unattended. Water and flood damage can quickly cause thousands to millions of dollars in damage to a home or business if left unattended. In addition to storm damage, water damage can occur in a property if the home has been subject to a fire and sprinklers or external hoses were used to extinguish the flames. Water damage in a property should be addressed by a professional restoration firm that utilizes extraction and drying equipment to quickly work to minimize additional damages to your home.

    Iowa property owners living in Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, Waterloo, Council Bluffs, Ames, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines are no stranger to the challenges from flooding and water damage. Creating a pre and post disaster recovery plan can assist with surviving a flood and returning your life to normal as quickly as possible. Your disaster plan should include: evacuation planning, emergency shelter, communication, finances, document recovery and emergency restoration contractors.

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iowa flood damage